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Our BEYOND2020 health innovations | WA Rural Health Conference has gone virtual!

Acknowledgement of Country

Rural Health West acknowledges the Aboriginal people of the many traditional lands and language groups of Australia.  We acknowledge the wisdom of Aboriginal Elders and leaders, both past and present, and pay our respect to Aboriginal communities of today.  We acknowledge the Aboriginal people of the future, our young Aboriginal people, the carriers of culture, of memories, of traditions, and of hopes and aspirations.

In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge our non-Aboriginal colleagues and peers who walk beside us on our journey and those who are participating and presenting as part of the BEYOND2020 | health innovations WA Rural Health Conference.

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Welcome from Tim Shackleton

Chief Executive Officer, Rural Health West

BEYOND2020 | health innovations

Welcome from Jeff Moffet

Chief Executive, WA Country Health Service

Clinical and community support services for your patients with diabetes in country WA

Presented by Diabetes WA

Diagnostics for the regions

Presented by Tim Inglis

Teleoncology and overcoming the barriers

Presented by Wei-Sen Lam

ENT emergencies for the rural GP

Presented by Sarah Grigg

Dermatology - common diseases and management

Presented by Hannes Gebaeur

Telehealth models & the use of AI for point-of-care diabetic screening

Presented by Angus Turner

Learning the art of medicine

The University of Notre Dame's Kimberley Remote Area Health Placement Program

Antibiotic allergies in children

Presented by Michaela Lucas

Evidence Based Fraud & The End of Statistical Significance

Presented by Anand Senthi

Thank you for supporting Rural Health West

Modern Radiation Therapy for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer

Presented by Kasri Rahim

Irritable Infants

Presented by Mohammad Jehangir

MAPPA: the go-to health industry platform

Presented by Maddelene Doyle

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Family Matters, Genetics and Family Screening in Cardiology

Presented by Ben King

Deliver Interventional & Preventive Hearing Care – partnering with health care professionals

Presented by Nimi Daya Naran

Understanding drug dependence and addiction

Presented by Paul Dessauer

Wheatbelt Medical Student Immersion Program

Exposing tomorrow's doctors to rural communities


Presented by Caris Jalla

Goals of Care in COVID-19 environment

Presented by Dr Sarah Dunlop and Dr Stephen Hinton

WA Rural Health Conference 2021 | Lessons from Past Disasters

27-28 March 2021 | Pan Pacific Perth

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