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Student develops skills for life through rural placement in Broome

By Kelli Cockman

kelli cockman on shoulders croppedWhile on my placement in Broome, I experienced what it was like to work within a rural aged care setting. The experience allowed me to develop not only my clinical reasoning skills, but also improve the way I communicate with a number of different individuals, ranging from Aboriginal children, to high school students, to elderly aboriginal and non-aboriginal individuals.

On the placement, I primarily worked within the aged care facility where I carried out a number of mobility and function reviews, planned group exercise classes and collaborated with OT students to plan exercise prescriptions for certain individuals. I also worked closely with nursing and care staff when performing reviews, and treatments, and also educated both the staff and residents on the importance of exercise and pain management.

The Physiotherapy students were given the opportunity to run a number of information sessions for a range of groups in the Broome community. My peer and I assisted a senior Physiotherapist from the Broome hospital run a joint examination tutorial for GP students studying in Broome. We also conducted two individual information sessions for the CLONTAF and St Mary’s High School students where we talked about injury rehabilitation and taught the students how to strap a number of joints. Kelli cockman cropped

Working within such a small community allowed me to develop skills that I will carry with me through the rest of my career, and I would highly recommend it.

Having the responsibility of making my own clinical-based decisions allowed me to develop both my confidence, and my clinical reasoning skills which are vital in my professional development. I was given the opportunity to visit the remote community of Bidyadanga where we participated in a community family event to prevent health care and healthy lifestyles. 

The opportunities and experiences I gained from partaking in a placement in Broome have been extremely rewarding, and have made a large impact on my professional development.

Kelli received funding through the Allied Health Rural Clinical Placement Support Program to assist her with completing a four week long placement in Broome. 
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