RVTS provides comprehensive education supervision and support to participants throughout their time on the program.


RVTS registrars are supported by a number of key people throughout the program. 

Registrar Training Coordinator (RTC)

Each registrar is allocated a Registrar Training Coordinator for the duration of their training. All RTCs are members of the RVTS administration staff. The role of the RTC is to be an accessible first point of contact for registrars, providing training advice, monitoring registrar progress and to be a referral point for registrars to  specialised training advice within the organisation.

The RTC will assist you to complete paperwork and apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) accredited by the relevant College(s) and delivery your weekly supervision sessions. 


This person will be a Fellowed doctor performing equivalent work. Your supervisor may be located in the same town or in another location. 

Enjoying the serenity

Your supervisor or a medical educator will visit your practice to provide two Clinical Teaching Cisits (CTVs) per semester in your first year, which will focus on your specific learning aims. Reverse CTVs, where you visit your supervisor, may also be available if appropriate. These are ideally provided in person, however virtual CTVs may need to occur in some circumstances.

Medical Educators

RVTS registrars, RTCs and supervisors are supported by Medical Educators (ME) during the program. As well as providing this support, each ME is responsible for delivering their portfolio of education materials. The portfolios include the weekly webinars, procedural workshops, CTVs, online education modules, exam skills for both Colleges, advanced special skills and remediation.