Rural Health West provides a free recruitment service for the rural health sector in WA.

Each year, we help newly graduated physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dentistry and dental hygiene, mental health professionals and others find their first professional role.

We can help you find the right job in the right location; one that best suits your lifestyle and professional needs.

Rural Health West can also support new graduates through:

  • Professional development - we offer a suite of training and development opportunities which we bring to rural communities.
  • Grants and bursaries - through the Australian Government Department of Health's Health Workforce Scholarship Program, we can help you cover the cost of training, education, conferences, and associated travel and accommodation.
  • Health Professional Networks - established regional networks provide health professionals with opportunities to network, upskill, share information, and collaborate with other like-minded health professionals within your region.
  • Relocation assistance - we can provide financial support to assist you relocate and settle if you are relocating to a new region for the first time as a graduate.
  • Employer support - we work with a number of employers to support them to develop and implement programs to support new graduates be successful in their roles.

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Nurses, Midwives, Dentists & Allied Health Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things an employer is looking for on my CV as a new graduate?

Anything relevant to the job you are applying for. This includes volunteer experience, clinical placements and any research you may have done.

What can help make me stand out to an employer?

Tailor your CV and cover letter to the job you are applying for. Always address the selection criteria the advert is asking for.

What are the salary differences between working in Perth vs rural WA?

This is hard to say. Some organisations have access to remote area allowances. Salaries can sometimes be more as well.

How should I prepare for an online interview?

Always do your research on the organisation you are applying for. This could be by visiting their website or connecting with someone that works there. It’s also a good idea to have relevant questions prepared tailored to the job.

How do I go about finding accommodation if I move to a rural location?

Various Shires have programs in place to help. The Health Professionals Networks can also help by adding your profile to our various regional websites. We can also put you in touch with other health professionals moving to the area around the same time.

Do you recruit locum nurses, dentists and allied health professionals for short term contracts?

Yes, we are able to advertise and recruit for locum positions for these positions. We consider a locum position to be from two weeks to 12 months.

How much supervision and support will I receive from my employer if I work rurally?

Rural Health West would look to place you in an organisation where you would receive at least 12 months mentoring and supervision along with in-house personal development.

When can I apply for a job as a new graduate?

You can start to apply for jobs as a graduate up to six months prior to graduation. In some instances, organisations will take your application 12 months out from graduation. Our employers understand the AHPRA registration process and the time frame upon graduation and take this in to account when making the job offer.

What grants can Rural Health West help with?

We are able provide grants for relocation assistance. We would ask you compile costs related to getting you to your town of employment. The more remote you go; the more grant money you may be eligible for. Caps are in place so it’s best to speak to our NMDAH recruitment team on this.

How can Rural Health West help me?

Rural Health West is funded to attract, recruit and retain health professionals. We do this through a free recruitment service where we match you with suitable employers in rural WA. This basically means anywhere past Bunbury, Northam and Yanchep. We also provide grant programs to assist with relocation, and professional development through either our biannual conferences or more frequent workshops.

What is the difference between being salaried vs commission?

We would recommend all graduates take a salaried position. A commission base role works on a percentage of billings which isn’t reliable when you have no or minimal caseload in your first few months. A base plus commission position can be beneficial once you are set up and running with a full caseload.

What sort of salary can I expect as a new graduate?
A rough estimate would be anywhere from $70k. 
How can I apply for the relocation grant?

We ask you to email Brooke Wilson to find out what you are eligible for. We will ask for your CV and signed employment contract initially in a MMM2 and above and then request further evidence of costs.

What funding can I apply for Professional Development?

We run our Health Workforce Scholarship program throughout the year. The bigger grants are funded in rounds of which we have two a year. These rounds are normally in March and September. Grants can be used for upskilling and higher education.

Is there a minimum return of service to access the grant?

Yes, we request the contract to confirm the position is a min of 12 months and .4FTE.

What can I expect on my first year out on the job as a graduate?

Rural Health West work very hard to ensure you are placed in a supportive organisation that can mentor and supervise you in the first 12 months. You are also able to access our Health Workforce Scholarship Program grants and you are also able to apply for a graduate relocation grant to help get you there.

What happens once I start my first job in rural WA; is there any further support available?

Yes, absolutely! We have Health Professional Networks (HPNs) with dedicated administration support in each region of WA. The HPN’s have websites for each region which list upcoming personal development events, social networking, rooms for rent and a heap of information.  Once you have started in your new town, we will put you in touch with your HPN representative and they will introduce themselves to you. Rural Health West will also send you an orientation pack that can assist with your settling in period.

Do you provide any locum grants for Nursing, Dental and Allied Health positions?

Yes, we provide a $500 locum travel subsidy to the health professional to assist with travel to and from the placement.