Health personnel statistics for rural Western Australia.

We conduct research and gather data and information about the rural health workforce, including general practitioners, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. The data assists with needs assessment planning, and influences State and Federal Government policies and reforms to benefit the health of rural communities.

Rural General Practice in Western Australia Annual Workforce Update

Rural Medical Workforce Data Reports 

Rural Health West publishes an annual workforce report which provides a detailed analysis of the rural and remote general practice workforce in Western Australia.  This report describes general practitioner numbers and locations and identifies trends including age, gender, turnover, working hours, length of employment and numbers of proceduralists, international medical graduates, and GP registrars.

View the latest report online: Rural General Practice in Western Australia - Annual Workforce Update 2020, or request a hard copy by contacting Rural Health West.

Health Workforce Planning Data

The collection, analysis and dissemination of data measuring health workforce stocks and flows in rural and remote Western Australia is a key tool to inform workforce planning.   It enables gaps to be measured, trends to be identified and may provide evidence about workforce maldistribution.

Since 2001, Rural Health West has maintained an up-to-date database of the medical workforce in rural and remote Western Australia to support general practitioner recruitment and to gather evidence to plan for future workforce requirements.

In 2012 Rural Health West commenced recruiting nurses and allied health professionals for organisations in rural and remote Western Australia.  In collaboration with its partners, Rural Health West continues to develop a database of organisations and nursing, dental and allied health professionals working in the primary health care sector of rural and remote Western Australia.

Annual GP Survey

The Rural Health West Annual GP Survey is sent to all currently practising general practitioners during September. This is an opportunity for rural general practitioners to provide feedback to us, and guide us in developing programs to help you take care of your communities.

Medical Workforce Fact Sheets

Rural Health West also publishes Fact Sheets which provide a snapshot of the key trends identified in the annual Workforce Analysis Update.  If you would like copies of Fact Sheets from previous years please contact Rural Health West.

Nursing, Midwifery, Dental and Allied Health Workforce

Rural Health West has conducted surveys of organisations and the nursing, midwifery, dental and allied health workforce in the rural and remote primary health care sector in Western Australia since 2012. Fact sheets summarising the data are available to download or please email Rural Health West for hard copies.

Rural Resident Specialist Workforce Fact Sheets

Rural Health West conducts an annual survey of resident specialists in rural and remote Western Australia in July of each year, and the information is presented in fact sheets, which you can download from this page or please email Rural Health West to request hard copies.