Pilbara - Tom Price

Vacancy Number: 1527

General Practitioner

Have you considered a professionally and financially rewarding opportunity in the Pilbara? This medical practice is seeking someone who is passionate, professional, has good communication skills and patient rapport to join their team. They are looking for a full time Senior GP ready to establish themselves in the town. This opportunity is limitless and the company are open to negotiate all terms to make things work for the new GP. A very generous package is on offer with the GP being able to easily earn $20k/fortnight plus hugely subsidised rental house with pool and garden maintenance and subsidised water and power included. This location is also eligible for rural retention and emergency grants from Medicare. Young families and mining workers live in the town and really appreciate their local doctors so you will be welcomed with open arms. A combination of GP practice and hospital service makes work more interesting and provides high continuity of care. Become part of our booming business - apply today!

The Practice Private, group practice with admitting rights to the local hospital. GP practice in an affluent mining town. The practice is well organised and equipped, fully computerised using Pracsoft and Medical Director. The area is great for outdoor activities with a stunning National Park close by, and well maintained town facilities.
The Requirements
  • Emergency: Essential
  • On call: VMO at the local hospital.
The Package
  • Remuneration: 65% of billings.
  • Accommodation: Generously subsidised rental house with pool and garden maintenance and subsidised power and water bills included.
  • Leave: Six weeks annual leave.
Map of Pilbara


The Pilbara is located about 1600 kilometres north of Perth, in the north-west region of Western Australia, with an area of around 500,000 square kilometres and a population of approximately 40,000 people. The primary towns are Karratha and Port Hedland on the coast, and Tom Price and Newman inland.

An area of rugged beauty, the Pilbara has a vast coastal plain, spectacular inland ranges and an arid desert region reaching into the centre of Australia. It is characterised by the rich red hues of its landscape, imparted by the abundance of natural riches in its reserves of iron ore. Mining and offshore oil and gas exploration have given rise to the Pilbara’s economic boom in recent years, drawing large numbers of people to the region on both a temporary and permanent basis.

It has a tropical, semi-desert climate with a mainly summer rainfall associated with thunderstorms. From October to April temperatures throughout the region generally exceed 32 degrees celsius every day, sometimes topping 40 degrees, particularly in inland areas.

There are approximately 46 doctors working in the region in various areas, including general practices, Aboriginal Medical Services, hospitals and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.