The Short and the Tall

5 August 2008

This broadcast focuses on growth. In particular we discussed the varied health and physical development problems associated with under or over nutrition as well as talking through a few case studies. Joining our discussion are endocrinologist Associate Professor Tim Jones and paediatrician Associate Professor David Forbes from Princess Margaret Hospital. Topics discussed include:

  • Causes of growth retardation including neglect
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Childhood obesity and growth
  • Use of oral contraceptives to inhibit growth

Dr Gareth Baynam spoke to us about the indicators of underlying genetic causes for abnormal growth as well as treatment and management of some genetic conditions. Dr Baynam is from King Edward Memorial Hospital and the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research.

Geriatrician Dr Hannah Seymour spoke to us about shrinking in old age as well as the management of osteoporosis and of falls prevention. Dr Seymour is from Royal Perth Hospital and the Stay on Your Feet Falls Prevention team.

This broadcast has been allocated two CPD points by The RACGP and one CPD point by ACRRM. CPD points are not guaranteed and are subject to review by both agencies.