See Hear!

4 November 2008

In this broadcast we focus on sight and hearing problems in children and adults. Joining us to go over some of these issue we have ENTs Dr Ian Bernadt and Dr Jean-Louis deSousa. Topics discussed include:

  • Treatment for screening and macular degeneration
  • Cataract surgery
  • Deafness treatment in adults and children
  • Convincing patients to be screen for hearing problems
  • Issues with using hearing aids including wax and otitis externa
Dr Anita Tandon gave us some information and tips for performing a child sight screening while Sarah Ashurst demonstrated some simple sight screening techniques you can do in your own rooms with limited equipment.

We also hear from Dr Harvey Coates about hearing problems in children and how it can negatively effect their education if not treated properly. Dr Harvey Coates is the senior ENT surgeon at Princess Margaret Hospital. We also see a demonstration of newborn hearing screening by Janet Mclean, coordinator of the Western Australian newborn hearing screening program.

This broadcast has been allocated two CPD points by The RACGP and one CPD point by ACRRM. CPD points are not guaranteed and are subject to review by both agencies.