3 March 2009

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a time for a lot of joy, or it could be a time that holds a lot of fear for most people. Dr David Jameson got out of the studio this month and went to chat with Dr Anne Karczub about several issues that can cause concern and problems during pregnancy. Dr Karczub is the Head of Obstetrics at King Edwards Memorial Hospital. Topics discussed include:

  • Delivering First Trimester Screening tests in the country
  • Managing obesity and hypertension in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Premature labour
  • When to ‘bail out’

We went down to practices in Peel and Dunsborough where we chatted about different models of shared care with Dr Mostyn Hamdorf and the team from Dunsborough Medical Centre as well as GP Obstetrician Dr Peter Kell from Peel Maternity and Family Practice.

We spoke to Dr Hamdorf about providing support and mentoring in rural and regional areas for those newly trained in obstetrics, as well as Dr Kylie Sterry, who is currently doing advance obstetrics training in Kalgoorlie.

Bleeding during early pregnancy can cause a range of stress and worry for expecting mothers. We spoke with GP Obstetrician Dr Andrew Kirke about what to do if this should occur, and how best to handle these, most likely, very anxious patients. Dr Andrew Kirke is a GP in Kalgoorlie and Senior Lecturer in the Rural Clinical School of WA. His clinical interests include family medicine, obstetrics and anesthetics. He is currently involved in developing rural training pathways on obstetrics for GPs.

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