Not Just Cosmetic

2 September 2008

This broadcast focuses on cosmetic medicine, including both elective cosmetic surgery and the cosmetic considerations of more traditional areas of medicine.

Elective cosmetic surgery is now well established, and increasingly, you may have people coming in to your practice expecting you to have a level of knowledge about cosmetic procedures and asking for your advice. To talk about this and other areas of cosmetic medicine we have cosmetic surgeons Dr Robert Pearce and Dr Glen Murray joining us in the studio.

Topics discussed include:

  • Overview of achievable and realistic outcomes of plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Nose reconstruction
  • Acne and burns scarring
  • Skin removal after weight loss
  • Medical protection and insurance

We hear from Urologist Jeff Thavaseelan and about the medical uses of botox -including its application in urology to assist in bladder control And Dr Janes Valentine talks to us about the use of botox to improve muscle flexibility and control in Cerebral Palsy.

We also have a chat with Dr Fiona Wood from Royal Perth Hospital about the importance of burns prevention and management of burns to reduce the cosmetic impact.

This broadcast has been allocated two CPD points by The RACGP and one CPD point by ACRRM. CPD points are not guaranteed and are subject to review by both agencies.