1 April 2008

This broadcast focuses on anything and everything to do with the blood. We're joined by Dr David Joske, Head of Haematology at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital and paediatric haematologist Dr Catherine Cole from Princess Margaret Hospital. Topics discussed include:

  • Blood tests and testing
  • Haematological malignancies
  • Paediatric haematology

Iron deficiency is a common problem and while there are a range of treatment options, there’s an ongoing discussion about the efficacy of intravenous iron infusion as one of those options. Clinical haematologist Dr Steve Ward spoke to us about iron deficiency and gave us his advice about the use of iron infusion.

Dr Ward also gave us an update on treatment options for a condition that until very recently had a very poor prognosis indeed - Multiple Myeloma. He speaks to us about some significant advances in the management of the condition in recent years.

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