6 October 2009

This broadcast focuses on geriatrics. We look at the importance of physical and mental care for the elderly and ageing and how regular exercise, both mental and physical can be greatly beneficial.

Dr Charles Indeerjeeth, a geriatrician from Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital and Dr Olga Ward discuss the management and prevention of osteoporosis covering the importance of diet, exercise and medication.

Tony Petta from Stay on Your Feet demonstrates a variety of exercises for improving strength, mobility and balance that you can get your patients to do at home.

Professor Leon Flicker is the Director of Western Australian Centre for Health Ageing. He speaks to us about dementia and memory loss including encouraging acceptance of the problem, medication, mental ‘exercise’ and some general health issues common in the elderly.

Clinical neuropsychologist Mandy Vidovich shows us a demonstration of a cognitive assessment and explains how to manage people undergoing memory loss and dementia.

This broadcast has been allocated two CPD points by The RACGP and one CPD point by ACRRM. CPD points are not guaranteed and are subject to review by both agencies.