Emergency Response: At the Hospital

5 May 2014

This dynamic webcast provides real insight into being the first responder at a rural traffic accident. Portraying a simulated country road accident, it plays out in real time and depicts a rural general practitioner arriving at the scene and follows him as the situation unfolds.

This is the second of a two part webcast. To view the first part Emergency Response: At the Scene please click here.

Emergency Response: At the Hospital (Part two) examines 
Clinical handover,
Secondary survey, 
Definitive management, and 
Royal Flying Doctors Service

Dr Olga Ward (Rural Health West Medical Advisor), Dr Garry Wilkes (UWA Clinical Associate Professor) and Dr Sally Edmonds (RFDS Deputy Medical Director) recap the scenes,  discuss the stages and clinical management of the patient, as well as providing their own personal anecdotes and advice about dealing with trauma in a rural or remote environment. 

The emergency response simulation was developed in partnership with the Western Australian Trauma Education Committee and in consultation with St John Ambulance, WA Police, Royal Flying Doctor’s Service, Department of Fire and Emergency Services and clinical advisors from Fremantle Hospital. 

Selected scenes within the Rural Doctors Webcasts: Emergency Response part one and two, are included in the Western Australian Trauma Education Committee’s Western Trauma Course. Further emergency skills education including Rural Health West’s REACT course and the Western Trauma Course can be found at on our website under professional development

A number of the clinical forms and resources that are referenced in this webcast can be viewed under ‘Resources’ and ‘Related links’.