Complimentary Medicine

14 May 2009

Patients have always been fascinated by the idea of a ‘miracle cure’. Some natural remedies can be popular, yet they hold a stigma of not being ‘real’ medicine. While true for some treatments, there is evidence to suggest that other alternative therapies, although not an all round cure, can provide befits to some conditions.

To discuss these therapies Dr Hugh Derham joined Dr Olga Ward in the studio where they discussed topics including;

•Conditions that respond to complementary medical treatment
•The regulation of herbal supplements
•The effectiveness of ‘supermarket’ dietary supplements
•Safe alternative treatments

Dr Bill Barnes from the Resort to Health clinic in Fremantle gives us an overview of the range of remedies on offer for cancer treatment and symptom management. As well as advice on contraindications, potential adverse interactions and evidence – or lack thereof – for some common treatments on offer.

Gian Wong speaks to us about the growing popularity and benefits of acupuncture. From treating sporting injuries to neurological conditions, Gian tells us what conditions acupuncture could provide the most benefits for.

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