'Distance is no obstacle' is a podcast series aimed at providing clinical education and information to rural health professionals

Current podcasts cover topics including - sleep, diabetes education in rural WA, mental health conditions among youth, palliative care in the rural setting, drug and alcohol misuse and mental health conditions, assessment and management of patients with dementia and delirium, and screening and treating sexually transmitted infections.

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Anxious Adolescents

Dr Vineet Padmanabhan, Director Psychiatry - Child and Adolescent Health for WACHS

Breast Screening and Beyond

Dr Diana Hastrich, Breast Specialist and Surgeon

Prostate screening and general urology issues

Dr Tom Shannon from the Prostate Clinic

Emergency Medical Services in Remote Locations

Dr Andrew Jamieson Executive Director of Medical Services at WACHS

Drug and alcohol misuse and mental health conditions

Paul Dessauer, Outreach Coordinator from Peer-Based Harm Reduction WA

Diabetes education in rural WA

Gill Denny and Alison Ilijovski, Diabetes WA

Travel medicine and vaccines - advice and resources for clinicians

Dr Andrew Jamieson, WA Country Health Service Clinical Lead

Drug reactions under anaesthesia

Drs Paul Sadleir, Peter Platt and Russell Clarke, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Anaesthetics

Sleep apnea - signs and symptoms, clinical implications and treatment options

Martin McPhilimey, Senior Respiratory Scientist

Hepatitis C: A new era for treatment and cure

Dr Marissa Gilles, Director Public Health Medicine, WA Country Health Service

Changes to cervical screening programs

Dr Louise Farrell, Head of Colposcopy at King Edward Memorial Hospital

Palliative care in the rural setting

Dr Alison White, Palliative Care Consultant and Grace Buchanan, Cancer Council WA

Screening and treating sexually transmitted infections

Dr Lewis Marshall, Public Health Physician and Head of Sexual Health Services

Motivational interviewing

Stavroula Zandes, founder of Health and Wellbeing Training Consultants

Mental health conditions among youth

Ivan Salmin, Senior Clinical Psychologist with Child and Adolescent Health Service

The importance of sleep on health and well-being

Martin McPhilimey, Senior Respiratory Scientist

Climate change and its impact on our EDs

Dr Mark Monaghan, emergency physician

Giants of Geriatrics- intellectual impairment, instability, immobility and incontinence

Dr Peter Goldswain, WA Country Health Service Lead Geriatrician

Assessing and managing patients with dementia and delirium

Dr Peter Goldswain, WA Country Health Service Lead Geriatrician