Well supported country doctors delivering quality medical care

The Better Medical Care for Rural WA Initiative is a coordinated, targeted response to address the challenges faced by rural doctors across the State. It is a partnership between the WA Country Health Service and Rural Health West to ensure doctors can access relevant ongoing medical training, timely locum support, and professional mentoring, and that their families are well supported to live and work across rural Western Australia.

Locum GP Michael Griffies

Locum Support Service

Rural medical practitioners often find it difficult to take leave, particularly if they are solo practitioners or work in very remote locations. Being able to access qualified locum doctors ensures rural doctors can take personal and professional leave and provides continuity of care to rural communities.

Under the Better Medical Care Initiative, an extended Locum Support Service will be available for medical practitioners in priority locations. This service complements the existing service offered through Rural Health West and will provide an additional 30 locum arrangements each year across rural Western Australia.

The Locum Support Service is funded by:
WA Country Health Service