Well supported country doctors delivering quality medical care

The Better Medical Care for rural WA Initiative is a coordinated, targeted response to address the challenges faced by rural doctors across the State. It is a partnership between the WA Country Health Service and Rural Health West to ensure doctors can access relevant ongoing medical training, timely locum support, and professional mentoring, and that their families are well supported to live and work across rural Western Australia.

Procedural mentoring

Procedural Mentoring Program

Procedural GPs are highly important in rural communities and ensure people can access common surgical and medical procedures close to home. Procedural mentoring programs help GPs to gain confidence in their skills as they start working as an independent procedural GP by linking them with an experienced practitioner. Mentoring may take the form of shadowing an experienced doctor, discussing patient lists, debriefing after delivering medical procedures.

The Medical Practitioner Procedural Mentoring Program is offered to 18 newly graduated proceduralists across a mix of procedures. In 2018, these include:

  • 5 x obstetric and gynaecology mentorships
  • 4 x anaesthetic mentorships
  • 7 x emergency medicine mentorships
  • 2 x surgical mentorships, ideally in endoscopy.


"When you start practising anaesthetics in the country, you need to be very confident in your decision-making skills. In the early months, I spent time shadowing my mentor during surgeries and discussing his upcoming surgical lists. It was an excellent way to consolidate my skills very quickly. In later months, I would plan my lists and discuss any challenging cases with my mentor, which gave me reassurance in my decision-making.”

Procedural mentoring participant, 2017

The Procedural Mentoring Program is funded by:
WA Country Health Service