Better Medical Care for Rural WA Initiative

Well supported country doctors delivering quality medical care

The Better Medical Care for Rural WA Initiative is a coordinated, targeted response to address the challenges faced by rural doctors across the State. It is a partnership between the WA Country Health Service and Rural Health West to ensure doctors can access relevant ongoing medical training, timely locum support, and professional mentoring, and that their families are well supported to live and work across rural Western Australia.

What is being delivered under the Initiative?


Education and training for medical practitioners

The Better Medical Care for Rural WA Initiative will deliver more than 20 continuing professional development opportunities to rural doctors to extend and enhance their medical skills and knowledge.

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Procedural Mentoring Programs

The Medical Practitioner Procedural Mentoring Program is offered to 18 newly graduated proceduralists across a mix of procedures

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Family assistance program

The Family Assistance Program provides a range of opportunities and activities to help rural medical families integrate into the community and to engage with other medical families from across rural Western Australia.

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Locum support service

Under the Better Medical Care for Rural WA Initiative, an extended Locum Support Service will be available for medical practitioners in priority locations

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Visiting medical specialist service

Many communities across rural Western Australia are visited by specialist medical teams and health professionals to help country people access the care they need closer to home. It is important the care provided by visiting teams is coordinated with local medical and health professionals who may be required to provide ongoing care for people between specialist visits.

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