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CTEC - The Cutting Edge: Peripheral Nerve Block

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Peripheral Nerve Block


This workshop is run in partnership with the Clinical Training and Evaluation Centre (CTEC)

The Cutting Edge: Peripheral Nerve Block Workshop aims to increase breadth and depth of theoretical, anatomical and practical knowledge in relation to peripheral nerve block techniques and safety. 

Other outcomes include the improvement of ultrasound skills required to perform a peripheral nerve block correctly and safely as well as an increased awareness of the risks of peripheral nerve blocks and their reduction.

This workshop is aimed at emergency physicians and general practitioners wishing to improve their anatomical knowledge and understanding of peripheral nerve blocks. It may be also of benefit for Emergency Department nurses and nurse practitioners.

The workshop features rotating demonstration and ultrasound guided practical stations with 4 participants per group, utilising:

Human and Fresh Frozen Cadaveric Prosection Models Utilising Ultrasound:

  • Faciomaxillary and jaw blocks
  • Femoral/sciatic nerve blocks
  • Forearm/wrist blocks
  • Knee/ankle/foot blocks
  • Thoracic paravertebral/intercostal blocks
  • Brachial plexus blocks

Animal Tissue Model Utilising Ultrasound and Needles:

  • Introductory needling technique hand to eye co-ordination session utilising porcine phantom models.
  • Thoracic paravertebral/intercostal blocks involving needle insertion practice on porcine tissue

Participants will then be provided expert feedback in small groups on their nerve block techniques and knowledge, including that of ultrasound guided blocks. This will be followed by a scenario driven interactive session with the faculty panel

Suitable for: Emergency Physicians, Anaesthetists, General Practitioners, Emergency Department Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

$810 WA Emergency Physician & GP
$840 Non-WA Emergency Physician & GP
$370 WA Emergency Department Nurse & Nurse Practitioner
$445 Non-WA Emergency Department Nurse & Nurse Practitioner

Length: Full Day 8.00am - 3.30pm

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