Rural Health West employs several Medical Advisors to ensure that our organisation can provide the best available information and services to the rural health workforce.

The Medical Advisors' guidance and advice enables us to deliver bespoke programs and advocate for policies that improve the health of those living in rural and remote communities across Western Australia.

All our advisors are general practitioners who have experience working in rural communities. As they have first-hand knowledge of the particular needs and challenges that face rural medical practitioners, many of our programs, including professional development events, are refined in consultation with them.  The Medical Advisors are also involved with Rural Health West workforce programs, such as the Rural Locum Relief Program.

Rural Health West Medical Advisors-simulated scenario

Education Steering Committee

The Education Steering Committee is an integral part of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) team. The committee is comprised of the Rural Health West Medical Advisors, representatives from the Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia, WA Country Health Service, Western Australian General Practice Education and Training, WA Primary Health Alliance, various medical practitioners, and members of the CPD team.

The committee’s role is to provide clinical guidance and governance towards all Rural Health West CPD events. It ensures the content is relevant and administers significant, clear clinical education for those participating. Some members of the committee will provide their many years of experience during a CPD activity as a facilitator or trainer.