Opportunities for Bonded Medical Scholars

Rural Health West and the Rural Clinical School of Western Australia is offering support services to students and health professionals with a return of service obligation in order to prepare scholars for rural health work, and facilitate placements in rural areas.


The Rurally Bonded Medical Student Program will prepare bonded medical scholars for rural placements, provide career guidance, professional development opportunities and rural placement facilitation. 

Rural Health West and the Rural Clinical School of WA has designed a support program specifically for bonded scholars to:

  • Prepare scholars for rural placements
  • Provide career advice and guidance
  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Assist with rural placement facilitation. 

Through this support program, bonded scholars are able to:

  • Access clinical upskilling webinars
  • Attend networking and career events
  • Apply for financial support to attend conferences and educational workshops
  • Receive cultural awareness training
  • And more. 

Scholars will be kept up to date with the events, webinars and sponsorship opportunities available, through a regular e-bulletin. To sign up to the e-bulletin click here. 

For more information about this program please contact Rural Health West on 08 6389 4500. If you have a specific query about rural practice please contact hubs@RCSWA.edu.au

Bonded Scholars are eligible to receive sponsorship to attend the Rural Health West Annual Conference and Rural Health West Aboriginal Health Conference in 2019. More information about how to apply for the sponsorships will be released in February 2019. 
Bonded Scholars will have access to the Rural Clinical School of Western Australia 2019 webinar series. More information will be released in January 2019. 


Rural Health West

T 08 6389 4500
E choosecountry@ruralhealthwest.com.au


The Rural Clinical School of Western Australia

E hubs@rcswa.edu.au
W www.rcs.uwa.edu.au/about/rural-training-hubs