The Rural Health West Student and Junior Doctor Ambassador Program comprises a group of medical and allied health students from universities and tertiary hospitals throughout Western Australia.

The Student and Junior Doctor Ambassadors promote country careers and experiences to Western Australian health students and junior doctors by providing information on Rural Health West programs, student and junior doctor opportunities and student rural health clubs.

Katy Algie

RMO - Midwest Aero Medical Services, Geraldton

I have decided to go country based on my experiences in rural health as a student doctor. I found rural medicine challenging and diverse and, surprisingly for a Sydney raised girl, I found the country lifestyle perfect for me.

Fintan Andrews

GP Registrar PGY3 working in Broome

I enjoy working in the country as it opens the door to so many opportunities not available in the city. I enjoy the personalised working relationships that I make with my colleagues as well as the increased level of responsibility in patient care and the truly general practice of medicine. The relaxed pace of life in my spare time really allows me to enjoy the outdoors.

Rosie Bogle

RMO - Broome Health Campus

I aim to work rurally for both lifestyle and career reasons:  I tend to enjoy myself a lot more in the country, I have more fun, I am able to enjoy the outdoors and benefit from a slightly more relaxed pace of life than in the city.  In terms of medicine, I have found it to be more interesting, diverse, challenging and rewarding than in tertiary hospitals in the city.  I feel working rurally benefits my learning as a junior doctor and therefore my career.

Lee-Anne Gray

Fourth Year Medical Student - The University of Notre Dame  

Madeleine Gryta

First Year Medicine - The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

I want to work in rural Western Australia because I believe it provides a unique opportunity to; expand my skillset, empower communities, assist in an area of need, and experience the balance and beauty that country life has to offer.

Adriane Houghton

Second Year Medical Student - The University of Western Australia  

Melanie Leong

Third Year Physiotherapy - Curtin University

I believe working rurally is a fantastic opportunity to gain further experience while enjoying the outdoors and getting to know the local community.

Jasmine O’Neill

RMO - King Edward Memorial Hospital

Working rurally offers you the chance to travel and experience different parts of Western Australia and to live and learn about Aboriginal people and culture. The opportunity to contribute something back, to educate and advocate for change are what attracts me to want to work in rural Western Australia.

Stephen Pannell

Final Year Medicine - The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

Who really wants to sit in traffic every morning and evening watching those traffic lights? Who wants to find and pay for parking, wait in queues for everything and be surrounded by busy people rushing from place to place The rural lifestyle is what I'm talking about, walk to the beach, an adventure in the bush, surrounded by friendly, relaxed people and being supported by a cohesive community. It's a lifestyle choice.

Emma Smith

RMO - Albany Hospital

Jessica Smith

Intern Albany Hospital 

Courtney Taylor

Intern - Fiona Stanley Hospital

Working rurally provides incredible opportunities to build and diversify your skills, assist where there is significant need and  have amazing adventures that you will treasure for life.

Patrick Thornton

Intern - Bunbury Regional Hospital


Sophie Toster

RMO - Bunbury Regional Hospital 

Andrew Szabo

Rural medicine offers unique challenges and experiences that make me excited about my future.  I have a keen interest in holistic medicine and making meaningful changes for people.  I love waking up with nature and can't wait to finish uni and get out bush.