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Outreach Services

Rural Health Outreach Fund

Rural Health Outreach Fund (RHOF) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and administered by Rural Health West. 

This program aims to improve health outcomes for people living in urban, rural and remote locations by supporting the delivery of outreach health activities through improved coordination and combination of health activities. By providing both public and private outreach health services that address prioritised community needs, RHOF aims to broaden the range and choice of health services available and remove the financial disincentives that create barriers to service provision.

RHOF focuses on a multidisciplinary team approach to health care with a focus on four priorities:

  • Maternity and paediatric health
  • Eye health
  • Mental health
  • Support for chronic disease management
For further information on RHOF, download the RHOF Service Delivery Standards.

Eligible locations for RHOF services 
The Australian Government Department of Health uses the Australian Standard Geographical Classification Remoteness Areas (ASGC-RA) system to determine eligibility for service locations across Australia. Services supported through RHOF are delivered in RA 2 (inner regional) to RA 5 (very remote). As inner regional locations generally have options to access a wider range of services and fewer barriers to service delivery, the main emphasis of RHOF is to deliver services in RA 3 (outer regional) to RA 5 (very remote).

The Service Delivery Standards require that all service providers funded under RHOF demonstrate that they have undertaken appropriate cultural awareness and safety training, or be willing to undertake training prior to commencing service delivery. For further information, go to Cultural Awareness and Safety Training. 

Service Activity Report
Service Providers are obliged to submit a Service Activity Report and Tax Invoice within two months of the completion of an approved outreach service. To download the Service Activity Report please click on the link below:
RHOF Service Activity Report

If you have enquiries about RHOF, please contact Rural Health West on +61 8 6389 4500 or email the Outreach in the Outback team.