Support for solo general practitioners.

The Strengthening Solo General Practice project provides solo general practitioners in small country towns with greater professional and family support, to encourage them to remain living and working in their rural communities.

Strengthening Solo GP program-rural WA

The 2015 Finding My Place report noted that solo general practitioners are one of the most vulnerable groups of rural doctors as they are more likely to experience professional isolation, higher workloads and have greater difficulties in taking personal and professional development leave, which contributes to higher turnover rates.

As a result of the report findings Rural Health West has established the Strengthening Solo General Practice project to provide enhanced support to solo general practitioners and their families.

Support available through this program includes:

  • personalised support for the general practitioner and their family, including ongoing regular contact (telephone or visit);
  • travel and accommodation support for spouse and family when the general practitioner is attending Rural Health West Annual and Aboriginal Health conference(s);
  • targeted professional development, including resilience and mindfulness training;
  • escorted site visits of their new home town for the doctor and their family;
  • information to access financial incentives;
  • targeted general practitioner locum service;
  • access to an independent conflict mediation service; and
  • access to Practice and Business Support services, including telehealth technology.

If you are a solo general practitioner, working in a solo general practice town in rural or remote Western Australia, please contact the Workforce Support Program Coordinator to discuss how Rural Health West can provide additional support to you in your role.

Rural Health West is investing $240,000 over 18 months to develop and operate the project.