Indian Ocean Territories - Christmas Island

Vacancy Number: 1149

Full time, permanent general practitioner required for this Chief Medical Officer/Director of Public Health and Medicine role on Christmas Island. The successful applicant will be a motivated, professional and suitably qualified individual. The key responsibilities of the position are to work within a multi-disciplinary team, and be responsible for the delivery of quality medical and emergency services. This position plays a key role within the Executive Management Team of the organisation and is responsible for managing the clinical business unit, supervising staff, and capital projects. The ideal applicant will have a primary health care approach, cross cultural experience in a rural or remote environment, emergency experience, and the ability to work within a multicultural and multi-disciplinary team.

The Practice Private, group practice. Remote Health Service combining primary health care, community care, emergency medicine and hospital inpatient care within the one location.
The Requirements
  • Emergency: Essential
The Package
  • Renumeration: Total package $442,979 made up of $265K to 30% pm, 16% superannuation $55,120.
  • Accommodation: Access to subsidised housing.
  • Vehicle: Car allowance $79,500.
  • Other details: annual professional development allowance $26,295, district allowance $17064, relocation assistance is available.
Map of Indian Ocean Territories

Indian Ocean Territories

Christmas Island

Christmas Island is a dot in the Indian Ocean 2,600 kilometres north west of Perth. The cultural background is diverse, with settlers having come from Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian and European backgrounds. The society works as a harmonious blend of cultures, accepting and inclusive of each other’s beliefs and practices.

The island is the peak of a submarine mountain, its 80 kilometre coastline of mostly sheer cliff broken by occasional small bays or inlets. 63 per cent of the island is comprised of national park, populated by many species unique to the island.

Cocos Island

This tiny horseshoe shaped island is 2750 kilometres north west of Perth and 900 kilometres south west of Christmas Island. Cocos Island also represents a melding of the cultural backgrounds of the settlers arriving on the island from all points of the globe. However the culture and religion practised here is predominantly Muslim and the prevalent language is a dialect of Malaysian called Cocos-Malay.

The island comprises two coral atolls and is home to a stunning diversity of bird and marine life.

The climate in this region is equatorial, with temperatures reaching a maximum of around 28 degrees celsius year round, but high rainfall in the wet season of December to April and prone to occasional cyclonic activity.