Inner Regional - Bullsbrook

Vacancy Number: 1026

A full time general practitioner is required for this purpose built medical practice located in a rapidly changing area. Located in a beautiful part of Western Australia, this location is ideal with wineries on your doorstep and in close proximity to the city. There is opportunity to grow with this practice, as it expands to include skin and travel clinics. The practice is open until 7.00 pm Monday to Friday, and 3.00 pm on Saturdays, so after hours will be required.

The Practice Private, group practice.
The Requirements
  • Other Skills: After hours will be required with this practice open outside usual business hours.
The Package
  • Renumeration: 60 - 65% of billings.
  • Agreement: Independent contractor arrangement.
Map of Inner Regional

Inner Regional

Inner regional towns are those which are designated as Remoteness Area two (RA2) under the Australian Standard Geographical Classification – Remoteness Areas system (ASGC-RA). These towns are located approximately 50-100km from the Perth centre, in North, South or East locations. 

Towns in these areas are generally semi-rural, with larger properties available, and agricultural industries still operating. Most are thriving communities that attract day trippers, due to their close proximity to Perth and many are developing flourishing tourism industries, such as wine and food, to attract visitors. Populations in these towns can range from smaller communities of around 2,000 people to larger centres of 5,500 people.