Rural Health West’s educational activities are, where possible, approved for the Rural Procedural Grants Program.

The Rural Procedural Grants Program provides financial assistance of $2,000 per day to procedural and practising unsupervised emergency medicine general practitioners in rural and remote areas to access relevant activities in order to assist them in maintaining or updating their skills.

The Program has two components. It provides support for:

  • Procedural general practitioners practising in surgery, anaesthetics and/or obstetrics in ASGC-RA 1*-5 localities (up to 10 days or $20,000 per financial year)
  • General practitioners practising emergency medicine in ASGC-RA 2-5 localities (up to three days or $6,000 per financial year)
  • *ASGC-RA 1 is dependent on additional approval
  • General practitioners providing services in rural and remote areas but residing primarily in urban areas (for example: locums, RFDS doctors) may also be eligible for the Program

The Program is administered by RACGP and ACRRM and general practitioners are required to contact either college to register. General practitioners do not have to be a member of the colleges to receive the grant.

To lodge a rural procedural grant claim to RACGP you will need to submit a copy of your certificate of attendance along with your completed Rural Procedural Grant Claim Form and a copy of the program to

To lodge a rural procedural grant claim to ACRRM please visit ACRRM’s website

To check your eligibility and view all current information please read the Rural Procedural Grants Program: Program Guidelines.