Palliative Care Approach Webinar

The next topic in our webinar series is Palliative Care Approach for medical practitioners. In partnership with the WA Primary Health Alliance and Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA), you are invited to join us for an evening webinar aimed to improve your confidence, knowledge and skills in working with people with palliative care needs in rural Western Australia.

Palliative Care Approach Webinar27 November 2017 - REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN

Travel Medicine

1 October 2013


Dr David Rutherford, Travel Medicine Specialist

Dr Mark Strahan, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


Organising travel for a patient with chronic illness or disability

Vaccinations- what works, how soon, how often, how expensive?

Useful contents of a travel medical kit

Recognising that you or one of your party is in trouble

Management of common scenarios including diarrhoea, malaria and injury

Cosmetic surgery tourism