Palliative Care Approach Webinar

The next topic in our webinar series is Palliative Care Approach for medical practitioners. In partnership with the WA Primary Health Alliance and Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA), you are invited to join us for an evening webinar aimed to improve your confidence, knowledge and skills in working with people with palliative care needs in rural Western Australia.

Palliative Care Approach Webinar27 November 2017 - REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN

Palliative Care

7 July 2009

This broadcast includes a discussion with Dr Marianne Phillips, Senior Pediatric and Adolescent Oncologist and Palliative Care Specialist at Princess Margaret Hospital and Dr Chris Jacklyn, Palliative Care Specialist. Topics discussed include;

  • Pain Management
  • Management of other symptoms including nausea, repository support, mouth care and incontinence
  • Family support
  • Psychological issues

Dr Anil Tandon, Helen Walker and Valerie Colgan from the Palliative Care Network discuss useful tools for ensuring quality of end of life care - including the Liverpool Care Pathway, which provides for planning, tracking and review of care in the last few days of life.

We look at the role of the Palliative Care Network and how they support GPs in delivering rural and remote palliative care services.

This broadcast has been allocated two CPD points by The RACGP and one CPD point by ACRRM. CPD points are not guaranteed and are subject to review by both agencies.