Rural Health West provides clinical workshops and emergency training for medical and health professionals in Western Australia. View our Events Calendar to find out what professional development opportunities are coming to your region.

Below are a list of emergency training courses provided by external agencies.

Rural Emergency Obstetrics Training (REOT)

This one-day emergency medicine course has been designed to increase obstetric skill levels of participants with minimal prior practical knowledge. It is taught by a team of experienced rural GP obstetricians and midwives, who demonstrate the practical skills of a normal delivery and obstetric emergency scenarios that could occur in rural or remote practice. This is achieved using inter-professional clinical simulations during a practical hands-on workshop.

2017 location and dates:

Perth7 April

Rural Emergency Skills Training (REST)

This comprehensive two-day emergency medicine course covers many of the common emergencies in rural practice and is relevant to the pre-hospital, small rural hospital and private rural practice environment. The course is designed to involve multi-disciplinary groups of medical, nursing and ambulance personnel.

2017 location and dates:

Perth    10 - 11 June

Clinical Emergency Management Program (CEMP) - Advanced workshop

The Clinical Emergency Management Program Advanced workshops have been designed to further build participants' knowledge, skills and confidence when responding to medical emergencies. These workshops are facilitated by a national team of highly trained intensive care paramedics.

2017 location and dates:

Intermediate CEMP Perth   30 November
Intermediate CEMPPerth1 December
Advanced CEMPPerth2 - 3 December

Western Trauma Course (WTC)

The Western Trauma Course covers the essential components of early trauma management incorporating lectures, interactive tutorials, graphic demonstrations and practical "hands-on" skill stations. Attendance at this course can give staff the confidence to deal with trauma patients and the knowledge to organise their departments for the reception of trauma patients.

2017 location and dates:

Moora25 March
Geraldton17 June
Kalgoorlie12 August
Perth14 October
Albany4 November

Early Management of Severe Trauma (EMST) - Provider course

A two and half day intensive course in the management of injury victims in the first one to two hours following injury. Adapted from the Advanced Trauma Life Support  course of the American College of Surgeons in 1988. Emphasis on life saving skills and systematic clinical approach.

2017 location and dates:

Perth17 - 19 March
Perth25 - 27 May
Perth18 - 20 August
Perth20 - 22 October

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO)

All maternity practitioners know there are many safe and acceptable ways of dealing with different emergency situations. The procedures and approaches covered in the ALSO course are reasonable, consistent and evidence-based and enable everyone to not only identify those at risk of obstetric emergencies but also to manage emergencies when they arise.

2017 location and dates:

Perth24 - 25 June

Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS)

The APLS covers the following areas:

  • Life support - basic and advanced 
  • Serious Illness  
  • Serious injury 
  • Practical procedures, including radiology and pain management 

2017 location and dates:

Perth Rendezvous Hotel4 - 6 February
Perth Rendezvous Hotel28 - 30 June
Perth Rendezvous Hotel1 - 3 September
Broome The Mangrove5 - 7 October
Perth Rendezvous Hotel28 - 30 November

Emergency Life Support (ELS)

A two day course teaching a systematic approach to the emergency management of any seriously ill patient. The course consists of an intensive program of lectures, skill stations and interactive group discussions.

2017 location and dates:

To be confirmed