Rural Health West produces a range of publications that are distributed to interested parties.

If you would like to receive copies of any of the publications listed below, please email the Publications Officer to have your details added to our database.

Rural Health West Reports

Rural Health West conducts research in order to be remain informed of the current issues and trends affecting the attraction and retention of the rural health workforce. The following reports have been compiled by Rural Health West, in collaboration with other stakeholder agencies, to ensure the organisation is able to best support the rural health workforce. Some reports are available in hard copy. Please email Rural Health West if you would like to order a hard copy.

  • Finding My Place - ‚Äčthis report presents the feedback from rural doctors on what they reported as the factors influencing the attraction and retention of doctors to rural Western Australia. Please note this report is 2.4MB. Hard copies are available from Rural Health West. Part of the project included an online survey, referenced in the report. For more information on the findings from this survey please download this report. If you want to know what the key feedback was, check out this short animation, featuring the key factors as reported. 
  • Red Tape in General Practice - a Review - a desktop review of the perceived bureaucratic red tape in Australian general practice, identifying recurring instances and reporting if identified issues have been examined or rectified by Government. 
Rural Health West Strategic Plan July 2015-June 2018

The Rural Health West Strategic Plan identifies objectives and delivers initiatives that shape and guide the organisation in response to a changing environment. The Strategic Plan ensures that the organisation focuses its energy and resources on common goals and provides various strategies on how to achieve desired outcomes.

Rural Health West Annual Reports
Rural Health Matters

A quarterly, full colour magazine which provides details of various events and programs operated by Rural Health West, distributed to all currently practicing rural general practitioners. Please note some of the files may be 5MB or more.

Rural Health West e-bulletins

Emailed monthly to all currently practicing rural and remote general practitioners and other interested organisations, providing regular updates on education opportunities, program updates and funding implications. Please click on the links below to see the relevant current edition. If you would like to receive any of these, please contact the relevant team member as listed in the bulletin, or email the Marketing Manager.

Rural Workforce Data

Each year, Rural Health West conducts a survey of all general practices and general practitioners currently practicing in rural and remote Western Australia. Typically, the survey has a response rate of around 70% providing contemporary valid data about trends in rural general practice workforce to support workforce policy and planning. This data from this survey is compiled in the Annual MDS Report and Workforce Analysis update, published in April each year.

Please visit the Rural Workforce Data and Information page to view the Report and Fact Sheets.

Cultural Wealth Community Health

An Indigenous Australian cultural resource too valuable for any organisation to be without.

The publication is an introduction to cultural awareness for health professionals working with and caring for Indigenous Australians in Western Australia. In the hope of achieving better health outcomes the resource raises awareness about mutual respect and cultural understanding which underpins all aspects of the development of strong relationships with Indigenous patients and communities.

The publication can be ordered by contacting Rural Health West. Alternatively, click here to download the Order Form.